074: Too Busy Laughing About All The Money We Made

In this episode, we are in the missing Scott formation.  Tim talks about:

Why is Warner Brothers so confident in their DC movies going forward?

What is the internal word on how good Zack Snyder's Justice League film is looking?

Why is Warner Brothers not so concerned about losing another Flash director?

Is there consideration about moving up James Wan's Aquaman film to take the Flash movie date?

Who is the new screenwriter for the Harley Quinn solo film?

Gal Gadot supports a same sex relationship for Wonder Woman in a sequel!

Gal Gadot announces that she is pregnant with her second child!

Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara has see the Wonder Woman film!

Ezra Miller talks about The Flash's relationship with Batman!

Miller gives his thoughts on Rick Famuyiwa leaving The Flash!

How has Ezra Miller been preparing for playing The Flash?

Will The Flash begin production yet this year, despite not having a new director attached?

What was Jason Momoa's reaction to being offered the role of Aquaman?

Aquaman is set to begin production this month in Australia!

Joe Manganiello talks about the solo Batman Film!

Legends to Tomorrow gets more season 2 episodes!

Young Justice gets a third season!!!

Justice League Action debuts its first clips!

Suicide Squad the extended cut releases this week!


All of this and much more!


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