187: F*** Yeah I Want to See It!

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In this episode Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Jason Momoa says that he wants to see The Snyder Cut!

  • Momoa talks about how Aquaman connects with Justice League

  • Aquaman has a huge opening weekend in China!

  • We get our first clips from the Aquaman film!

  • Jason Momoa hosted Saturday Night Live!

  • James Wan explains his choices for villains in the film!

  • Shazam gets a poster for the film!

  • The Joker film may have wrapped principle photography!

  • Margo Robbie explains the expanded title for Birds of Prey!

  • A Plastic Man film is in early development!

  • Zack Snyder reveals some more storyboards from Justice League!

  • Chris McKay is working on LEGO Batman 2!

  • Court of Owls may be the storyline for the next Batman video game!

  • We review "Titans" episode 9...!

  • We talk about all of this, and much, much more!

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