185: A Bell Can't Be Unrung

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In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Zack Snyder finally reveals the fourth wall from Justice League!

  • Aquaman debuts it's final trailer!

  • We get an awesome behind the scenes featurette for Aquaman!

  • Tickets are now on sale for Aquaman!

  • You can see Aquaman a week early through Amazon Prime!

  • Early ticket sales for Aquaman are strong!

  • Julie Andrews has a speaking role in Aquaman!

  • The social media embargo for Aquaman screenings lifts on November 26th!

  • Film reviews for Aquaman can be published on December 11th!

  • Birds of Prey gets an official subtitle!

  • David Sandberg answers some fan and critic's questions on social media!

  • The Joker film has some dramatic set footage of a chase scene!

  • Chris Pine says that the plan for him to return came during filming of the first film!

  • Ezra Miller gives his update on the Flash film!

  • David Ayer confirms some early concepts that were considered for Suicide Squad that involved The Fourth World!

  • A "Survivor's Club" show is being developed on the CW!

  • "Sweet Tooth" gets a pilot order for Hulu!

  • HBO's Watchmen gives more teasers for the upcoming show!

  • Swamp Thing begins production!

  • We review Episode 7 of "Titans"!

  • We talk about all of this, and much, much more!

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