168: Informed By Osmosis

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In this episode, Tim and Scott are joined by Matt and talk about:

  • DC Films has a Supergirl film in early development!
  • We get a new image of Arthur and Mera from Aquaman!
  • We get Sivana details from the Shazam film!
  • Robert De Niro has been confirmed for The Joker solo film!
  • We get other casting information for The Joker!
  • We get our first look at Pedro Pascal's character from Wonder Woman 1984!
  • Will Black Mask be the antagonist in Birds of Prey?
  • Filming is reported to begin in February for The Flash!
  • Matt Reeves gives an update on The Batman solo film!
  • Geoff Johns talks about his approach to The Green Lantern Corps film!
  • Logan Marshall-Green and Ava DuVernay tease Mr. Miracle casting in the New God film!
  • David Ayer meets with Paul Dini!
  • Ruby Rose has been cast as Batwoman!
  • We talk about all of this and much, much more!

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