162: Not Even in the Face of Armageddon

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In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • The Aquaman cast will appear on Conan!
  • Jack Dylan Grazer contract details have emerged!
  • Gal Gadot has won a Saturn Award for Best Actress in Wonder Woman!
  • Birds of Prey filming details have been reported!
  • Lewis Tan confirms that he has met with DC Entertainment about several different options!
  • There will be an upcoming article in The Wall Street Journal about the Justice League "Snyder Cut"!
  • We have a new image from Justice League showing a fight scene in S.T.A.R. Labs!
  • The Supergirl film from 1984 is coming out on blu-ray!
  • Legendary comic creator Steve Ditko has passed away.
  • We talk about all of this and much, much more!

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