160: Not Pretending To Understand

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In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • What does Toby Emmerich say about Aquaman?
  • John Stankey, the new Warner Media CEO meets with Warner Brothers in Burbank.
  • We break down the leadership structure at the new WarnerMedia group!
  • Amber Heard talks more about her role in Aquaman!
  • James Wan gets his own Funko Pop!
  • Shazam trailer reportedly be to be shown at San Diego Comic-Con!
  • Wonder Woman will be featured at Comic-Con!
  • No, Wonder Woman is not flying her invisible plane!
  • The Joker origin film is being reported to begin filming as early as this fall!
  • Henry Cavill is getting back into shape!
  • Director Chris McKay continues to be excited for DC Films!
  • Larry Fong gives some real talk on filmmaker's reactions to negative criticisms.
  • Swamp Thing is reported to begin filming soon!
  • Sting will be donning a John Constantine trenchcoat!
  • Nuclear Man is coming to DC Comics...?
  • We talk about all of this and much, much more!

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