152: First of All

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In this episode, Tim and Chris talk about:

  • The cast of Aquaman was at CinemaCon...!
  • Mera will not be a damsel in distress!
  • James Wan promises that Aquaman is doing something that has never been done before!
  • A unfinished teaser trailer was shown for Aquaman, and we have the descriptions!
  • New actors for the Shazam family may have been identified!
  • Wonder Woman 2 will film some scenes in The Canary Islands!
  • Wonder Woman is confirmed to be set in the 80's!
  • Henry Cavill hints at Man of Steel 2!
  • Christoper McQuarrie has talked to Henry Cavill about Man of Steel 2...!
  • The most epic and iconic Batman scene ever was filmed, but not put into the theatrical release of Justice League, but why?
  • What part of the end credit scene of Justice League was changed from Snyder's original footage?
  • We talk about all of this, and much, much more!

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