131: Everybody Knows (Or Do They?)

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In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Justice League box office results leading into the end of week 3.
  • What are the projected final box office receipts for Justice League?
  • Some insiders are beginning to point fingers at what went wrong at Warner Brothers.
  • Director of Photography Fabian Wagner would like to see a director's cut!
  • We talk about what we know about a Snyder cut of Justice League.
  • What are the clues about what the state of the director's cut was in from social media posts during production?
  • We sort through semantics of a director's cut.
  • Doc Awkward explains why we shouldn't believe everything we hear, son. Link: Don't Be As Gullible As Kevin Smith
  • We give an update on the petition to Warner Brothers for a director's cut.
  • Director Patty Jenkins asks the fans to relax when it comes to the details about what to expect in Wonder Woman 2.
  • Henry Cavill is still under contract to play Superman for one more film!
  • Matt Reeves is reportedly in discussion for a new actor to portray his version of Batman!
  • The Titans TV show reveals our first look at Robin!
  • We discuss all of this, and much, much more!

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