125: Transformed Into a Monster

In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Justice League debuts some new banners, and we ain't having it!
  • We talk about a piece of awesome concept art for Justice League!
  • Zack Snyder begins to release daily behind the scenes photos from Justice League!
  • This is Flash week for the Justice League!
  • What do we think of the new character posters for Justice League?
  • Ezra Miller wanted to touch everything on the set of Justice League!
  • Ray Fisher talks about where Cyborg is at mentally when Justice League begins!
  • Ben Affleck talks about what Joss Whedon brought to his part in Justice League!
  • Jason Momoa talks about Aquaman's journey in Justice League and where it leads to in the solo film!
  • James Wan wraps principal photography for Aquaman!
  • Titans casts Beast Boy, and we are excited about it!
  • All of this and much more!

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