123: I'll Take That As A Yes

In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • The final Justice League trailer!
  • What differences were there in the international version of the trailer?
  • What special work did Mercedes-Benz do for Bruce and Diana's cars in Justice League?
  • There is a new Justice League Art of the Film book!
  • What did Jason Momoa say about Ray Fisher's motion capture costume?
  • Cinematographer Fabian Wagner posts a behind the scenes image!
  • Ezra Miller tells how Zack Snyder broke the news to the cast about him not staying on beyond principle photography.
  • Gal Gadot talks about the extend of additional photography for Joss Whedon and Justice League!
  • What does Jason Momoa say about Zack Snyder?
  • Ben Affleck reiterates what the plan has always been for the direction and tone of Justice League!
  • Ben Affleck talks about what it was like for Joss to come into Justice League and complete Zack Snyder's vision!
  • What added scene written by Joss Whedon do we know about?
  • Batman the Animated Series is coming out on Blu-ray!
  • All of this and much more!

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