122: Using It in a Very Dark Way

In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns talk about the future strategy of DC Films!
  • How will Warner Brothers be positioning their superhero films differently than Marvel?
  • When was Joss Whedon brought in to work on Justice League?
  • Does Warner Brothers and DC Films actually use the fan favorite term DCEU? We have the evidence!
  • Teen Titans Go! is set for a 2018 release!
  • What is the box office prediction for Justice League?
  • Danny Elfman talks about his work on Justice League!
  • How exactly will previous Superman and Batman themes be used in Justice League?
  • Will Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash get their own theme music?
  • A new Justice League trailer has been shown to theatre exhibitors!
  • Justice League debuts some new character posters!
  • Zack Snyder shows off some more Justice League storyboards!
  • What aspect ratio did Zack Snyder film Justice League in?
  • A Flashpoint script has reportedly been turned in!
  • Geoff Johns photobombs David Sandberg's Instagram fun!
  • Armie Hammer comments on fan art of him as Green Lantern and Shazam!
  • Margot Robbie comments on how she wants to see the love story between Harley Quinn and Joker end!
  • Director Chris McKay gives an update on casting for Nightwing!
  • Mark Hamill gives props to Jared Leto's Joker!
  • James Cameron continues to knock the achievements of the Wonder Woman film.
  • Saturn Girl is coming to Supergirl... but will it be enough for Tim?
  • All of this and much more!

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