117: This Film Is On A Maddening Loop

In this episode, Tim, Scott, and Brent talk about:

  • WB is reportedly developing a new banner of DC Films.
  • A standalone Joker origin movie is reportedly being developed under that banner.
  • What do we think about a new division of Elseworlds films?
  • A Harley Quinn/Joker film is in development.
  • What does this mean for Gotham City Sirens?
  • Is Matt Reeves’ Batman movie part of the DCEU or not?
  • What does Matt Reeves, David Ayer, Jared Leto, Geoff Johns, and Marvel’s James Gunn all have in common?
  • Wonder Woman box office update!
  • What did James Cameron have to say about Wonder Woman?
  • What did Patty Jenkins have to say about Cameron’s comments?
  • All of this and much more!
  • All of this and much more!

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