114: I Know Everything But I Can't Say Any Of It

In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about:

  • What new milestones has Wonder Woman hit at the box office?
  • Will the potential home video release dates be pushed back for Wonder Woman?
  • How much work will it take to remove Henry Cavill's mustache in post production?
  • What new lines from the film do we hear in the trailer cut of the Comic Con Justice League footage?
  • How can you get your hands on the Flying Fox and Steppenwolf?
  • What studio dropped a major film on the same release day as Aquaman?
  • What is the latest from Joe Manganiello on his role of Deathstroke in the DCEU?
  • Suicide Squad sequel is still in search of it's director.
  • What new characters will be in this season of Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow?
  • When will the CW DC shows crossover this season?
  • Where will Gorilla Grodd appear next?
  • What fascinating topics will Krypton be exploring?
  • All of this and much more!

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