112: I Just Push People And Run Away (San Diego Comic Con 2017)

In this episode, Tim, Scott, and Brent (kinda) talk about:

  • Wonder Woman is WB’s 3rd biggest domestic earner of all-time!
  • Wonder Woman beat out GotG2 for the biggest domestic summer movie of the year!
  • Geoff Johns has begun writing Wonder Woman 2!
  • DC Films announces new slate of films at SDCC!
  • Shazam is next DC film to begin production!
  • What does David Ayer have to say about Gotham City Sirens?
  • What does it take to be Nightwing in Chris McKay’s movie?
  • New Justice League trailer!
  • What do we think about the reports of WB’s plans to replace Affleck as
  • Batman?
  • What does Ben Affleck say about playing Batman?
  • What new animated movies do we have coming out in 2018?
  • All of this and much more!

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