107: Sometimes You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!

In this episode Scott and Ray talk about:

  • Batman '66's Adam West has passed away
  • Geoff Johns comments on the future of the DCEU!
  • Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige got together to talk about Richard Donner!
  • Geoff Johns tells us to prepare to revise our best Superman moments list!
  • Wonder Woman box office update!
  • Patty Jenkins talks about responding to false rumors!
  • We finally comment on the new DC Films logo!
  • Why was there no Wonder Woman 2 already green lit?
  • Justice League additional filming is happening right now!
  • Danny Elfman has replaced Tom Holkenborg for the Justice League score!
  • What is the timeline for Aquaman with respect to Justice League?
  • What are our thoughts on Josh Gad as Penguin?

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