103: Charming Beyond Measure

In this episode Tim and Scott talk about:

  • Robert Zemeckis and Matthew Vaughn are reported to be the contenders to direct The Flash film!
  • Warner Brothers debuts a unique Wonder Woman poster for the Chinese market!
  • Other new banners, posters and magazine covers debut for Wonder Woman!
  • The film has premiered in China!
  • Early reactions are overwhelmingly positive for Wonder Woman!
  • The Wonder Woman film runtime is seemingly confirmed!
  • 92% of filmgoers want to see Wonder Woman!
  • Wonder Woman day has been declared for June 3rd!
  • Zack and Deborah Snyder hints at a Wonder Woman sequel!
  • We debunk the rumored reshoots for Justice League!
  • Billy Crudup is not leaving The Flash film!
  • Ludi Lin has been cast in Aquaman!
  • James Wan debuts a new image of Mera!
  • We compare the differences in the Justice League and Aquaman Mera costumes!
  • Josh Gad comments on his hinting at The Penguin!
  • Dwayne Johnson comments on Armie Hammer as Shazam!
  • Johnson teases teases a really big surprise for Black Adam!
  • Johnson teases a showdown with Superman!
  • Batman v Superman is one of the top selling Blurays of all time!
  • We discuss the new air dates for the DCCW shows!
  • We discuss the Black Lightning pilot trailer!
  • Krypton has a debut timeframe!
  • All of this and much, much more!

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