100: We're Just Getting Started!

In this episode Tim and Scott celebrate their 100th episode, and talk about:

  • The Suicide Squadcast reaches 100 episodes!
  • What do our listeners think about this milestone?
  • What new WB-based theme park is opening by 2018?
  • What does Patty Jenkins have to say about Wonder Woman’s Casablanca feel?
  • Why did Jenkins want to blend CGI with practical effects?
  • Gal Gadot was 5 months pregnant during Wonder Woman reshoots!
  • New Wonder Woman photos released!
  • What is the truth with the Wonder Woman marketing controversy?
  • New Wonder Woman TV spots released!
  • Has Wonder Woman’s runtime been revealed?
  • What have been the first reactions to the film?
  • New #WonderWednesday poster reveal!
  • What are the new director rumor for The Flash movie?
  • Aquaman production has begun!
  • Suicide Squad continues strong home release sales!
  • What is George Perez’s medical situation?
  • Batman and Bill documentary now available on Hulu!

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The show's outro music was composed by Jordan Funk from "DC Comics Squadcast"...!

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