097: Unite The Suicide Squadcast!

In this episode Tim, Scott, Brent and Ray talk about:

  • Patty Jenkins talks about the Wonder Woman film!
  • What did Scott’s son think of The LEGO Batman Movie?
  • What are our thoughts on Geoff Johns’ comments from WonderCon?
  • Who shuts down DCEU rumors better?
  • What are the early projections for Wonder Woman’s opening weekend?
  • What are Wonderful Wednesdays?
  • What did Patty Jenkins reveal about Wonder Woman’s costume and music?
  • What did Jenkins say about the film’s color palette?
  • Who did Marv Wolfman have lunch with this week?
  • What did we think of the new Justice League poster?
  • Dolph Lundgren cast in the Aquaman film!
  • What possible plot details did Jason Momoa spoil?
  • Jared Leto nominated for a MTV Movie Award!
  • WTF is going on with Manu Bennett and the Arrow season finale?
  • What cast members of Arrow got promoted for season six?
  • What guest stars are returning for Supergirl’s finale?
  • How successful was The LEGO Batman Movie?

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