091: The Academy Award Winning Suicide Squad Movie and the Exploding Heads

In this episode, Tim talks about:

  • The Academy Award Winning Suicide Squad Movie!
  • Why were so many people upset with the Suicide Squad Oscar win?
  • Viola Davis won an Oscar as well!
  • Mel Gibson gives an update on talks to direct Suicide Squad 2!
  • Director David Ayer teases Black Mask for the Gotham City Sirens film!
  • Where does the Time Warner and AT&T merger stand?
  • Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman graces the cover of Empire Magazine!
  • There is a companion junior Wonder Woman novel to the film!
  • Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins are getting ready for promoting the film!
  • Visionary director Zack Snyder reveals some Aquaman footage from Justice League!
  • Green Lantern rumors for Justice League are abound!
  • Henry Cavill hints at Green Lantern!
  • Trevante Rhodes is rumored to be considered for Green Lantern!
  • A true four show crossover is planned for next season on the DC CW shows!
  • Will Oliver Queen and the new Black Canary form a relationship?
  • All of this and much, much more...!

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