‘Aquaman’ Release Date Pushed Back to Christmas 2018 | Variety

Brent Lang for variety.com

The comic book adaptation is swimming from an October 5 release date to December 21 of that year. It will open on the day that “Avatar 2” was originally slated to debut. The James Cameron-directed sequel has been delayed multiple times as the exacting filmmaker tinkers with his latest cinematic excursion into Pandora. Jason Momoa, best known for his work as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones, stars in “Aquaman” as the titular merman. James Wan (“The Conjuring”) directs.

While it is painful that there will likely only be one DCEU movie in 2018, it is better to take as much time as possible with a heavily VFX ambitious film like Aquaman instead of rushing it for time.