The Suicide Squadcast News

You've certainly heard us complain about all the clickbait that's out there, both in podcasts and on twitter. We finally decided we could do more to help find more legitimate news and blog posts so we are starting a link blog.

Basically, this page will be dedicated mostly to aggregating links to other pages. We do NOT want to just be yet another news site that regurgitates the same information from each other with more and more sensational headlines. So what we are planning on doing, is finding original sources and linking those. We will also post links to opinion pieces that we feel are well constructed and not just sensationalist. That doesn't mean everything has to be "pro-DCEU" but we will avoid obvious nonsense such as comparing Lego Batman with Batman v. Superman.

It's possible we may post our own entries, but that's not the focus. We just want to make it easier for people to find the original sources so any quotes and headlines they are seeing can be taken in their full context with some brief commentary from us.

Let me set expectations realistically though. We won't be the site breaking news and the fastest ones out there. We will just add links as we can fit it in around our work and personl lives. Plus, the podcast network That isn't going to change. We just want to try a little more.