Special: The Suicide Squadcast 097 with Ray and Brent

There were no DCCW shows last week but Brent and Ray joined Tim and Scott on The Suicide Squadcast to talk DCEU and some fantastic DCCW casting. 

In this episode Tim, Scott, Brent and Ray talk about:

  • Patty Jenkins talks about the Wonder Woman film!
  • What did Scott’s son think of The LEGO Batman Movie?
  • What are our thoughts on Geoff Johns’ comments from WonderCon?
  • Who shuts down DCEU rumors better?
  • What are the early projections for Wonder Woman’s opening weekend?
  • What are Wonderful Wednesdays?
  • What did Patty Jenkins reveal about Wonder Woman’s costume and music?
  • What did Jenkins say about the film’s color palette?
  • Who did Marv Wolfman have lunch with this week?
  • What did we think of the new Justice League poster?
  • Dolph Lundgren cast in the Aquaman film!
  • What possible plot details did Jason Momoa spoil?
  • Jared Leto nominated for a MTV Movie Award!
  • WTF is going on with Manu Bennett and the Arrow season finale?
  • What cast members of Arrow got promoted for season six?
  • What guest stars are returning for Supergirl’s finale?
  • How successful was The LEGO Batman Movie?

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